2017 - The Inaugural Summit

Topics covered at the 2017 Small Schemes' Summit

Good governance - an update from the Pensions Regulator

The Pensions Regulator (TPR) has launched its 21st Century Trusteeship campaign aimed at supporting trustee boards to reach and maintain standards. Mark Potter outlines what TPR’s expectactions are in terms of governance of small schemes, and what happens when those expectations are not met.

How trustees view the pensions/investment landscape

In this session David Weeks, co-Chair of the Association of Member Nominated Trustees (AMNT) looks at the results of the Association’s annual survey of its 700 members; he will examine the issues that small schemes report they face and how best to respond to these issues.

Is complexity a barrier for small schemes?

Complexity is often seen as a barrier for small schemes. This being the case even more so with the ever-growing range of “solutions” out there today. But what exactly is complexity, and how do we become comfortable with it? Mark Davies, Managing Director of River and Mercantile Derivatives, discusses.

Thinking BIG

When constructing investment portfolios, key considerations for any scheme are how to make the best and most efficient use of capital, and how to minimise cost in all its guises. Larger schemes have a natural advantage and, typically, also have greater resources at their disposal. We believe that smaller schemes can achieve the vast majority of benefits that larger schemes enjoy, at an appropriate price and level of governance. Hymans Robertson's David Morton and Priyesh Bamania share their thoughts and experience.

Managing longevity risk for small schemes

Longevity is one risk which becomes more relevant the smaller a pension scheme is. Ben Stone, Pensions Director at PwC, considers the smaller scheme perspective on longevity risk: understanding the level in your scheme, managing it and insuring it.

Is it time for the DC Super?

DC, the archetypal small scheme. As governance requirements and costs increase and scale becomes a necessity, has small DC run its course in the UK? Global pension markets have undergone a period of consolidation - should the UK learn from these experiences to improve outcomes for members? Damian Stancombe, Partner & Head of Workplace Health and Wealth at Barnett Waddingham, considers the situation.

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